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Queen's Booty French Ebook

Queen's Booty French Ebook


Sculpt your butt and thighs in just8 weeks !


Sports and Nutrition Program


This program is for you if:

  • Do you want to develop your butt and thighs?
  • You want to lose fat
  • ​You want to build a harmonious silhouette
  • ​You want to win a €100 gift certificate at Women's Best
  • ​You want to know the basics of Nutrition
  • ​You want to learn how to nourish your body better
  • ​You want to become your own Body Goal
  • ​You want to build yourself a mind of steel
  • You want to ​eat more and better for long-term results


I know the hardest part of a physical transformation is Nutrition.

Often it's hard to know where to start and find a happy medium. This balance to be put in place which allows you to change your lifestyle in order to be transformed, but without falling into restriction and socially isolating yourself. It is important to us to help you find this balance thanks to the Nutrition Guide that you will find in the program. To help you achieve your goals but above all allow you to feel better mentally and improve your state of health.


Program content:

  • A complete training program over 8 weeks in the gym
  • ​ Targeted workouts on the lower body
  • ​This program is completely detailed (repetition, series, execution advice)  no need to think, just to apply the method
  • ​A method to build muscle and lose fat
  • ​ Video demonstrations of all exercises
  • ​Suitable for all levels
  • ​Complete nutrition guide with tips
  • Varied and delicious recipe ideas so you don't get bored
  • Tips for a successful transformation
  • ​A monitoring grid for your measurements to follow your progress


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